Watch Where and How You Spend Your Dollars

Have you every patronized a business over a long period of time because you enjoy their products or services, but then suddenly have a horrible experience that makes you feel like you’ll never even consider placing your hard earned green into their hands again? Hopefully this doesn’t occur too often, but when it does a really good manager or owner is usually more than willing to go above and beyond to make sure their customers (especially regulars) leave satisfied.

Your Dollars Count

Why do businesses go out of their way to make you happy? Because they just love that saying, “The customer’s always right?” Nope! Well, at least not in my opinion. I believe that although this statement doesn’t always ring true, companies/business owners simply want you (the customer) to be truly satisfied with your purchases and spread a good word about it amongst your family and friends. Not to mention win you over as a repeat customer who remains loyal to your brand.

Why Loyalty Programs Exist

These days almost any store who truly wants to be competitive, offers some type of loyalty or rewards program. So whether you really like coffee (ME) or you have a favorite store that you shop at often, you can be rewarded for your loyalty. Dunkin’ Donuts with their mobile app; allows customers who visit frequently to quickly earn free drinks. Pretty savvy right? Then other stores like Walgreens offer huge discounts and deals to customers who use their loyalty cards. Additionally they offer balance and register rewards for you to use within their store after purchasing specified products. The objective is to keep you running back through those swinging doors again and again!

Rewards Programs Should Work for You!

Drugstores are constantly competing for your dollars. Years ago they may have simply created an annual sale to grab the attention of new customers and keep their old faithfuls coming back for more. Today, they have huge holiday and blow out clearance events on a monthly and even weekly basis. Why? Because they are competing for your dollars. But as I always tell students in my couponing classes, “Every flashing sign with bright colors isn’t a sale.” If you would like to learn more about how to strategically coupon and walk away with real sales or that rock bottom price, you can the details about my latest coaching program, Coupon like a Pro at my official Savings site!

I often love writing short and to the point post like the one above, just to get you thinking. Most often you DO have to purchase certain essentials for your household or own personal needs, but you DON’T have to overspend to get them. Begin to change the way you think about shopping and I promise it will save you both time and money.

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