13 Amazing and Fun Facts About Coupons

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There’s Power in Couponing

As I always say to my livestream viewers on Periscope and Facebook, coupons are like money that gives you the “power” or ability to get many of the essentials you need at a very low cost. Oh yes! There is power in couponing. If you haven’t attempted or even thought about implementing coupons into your everyday shopping strategies, then you’re missing out big time.

It’s a Win, Win for Both Parties

So why would companies and brands want to lower the price of their products and sometimes practically give it away by distributing thousands, no millions of coupons every year? Put simply, the name of the game is gain new customers and win over your competitor’s. It may seem as though the companies are losing out but in all actuality, they are not. It’s a win, win situation for both parties. You as the consumer benefits from the savings and the company hopefully gains you as a new loyal customer.

Yes! Companies swoop in with their high value and most desirable coupons to sweeten the deal, while we savvy shoppers take advantage of every advance or other money savings opportunity. Now there ultimate hope lies in you loving the product at first introduction to through their high value coupon. Then just like anything else good in your life, you will naturally spread the word about it.

Take Advantage of your Power

September is National Couponing Month! Although you may not be as excited as me, you for sure are invited to the celebration. Each post this month will be dedicated to ways to help you save more using coupons. Let’s get the party started with some fun facts you may or may not have known about coupons.







13 Fun Facts About Coupons SaveSavSaveSave



Fun Facts #1: The first coupon was created by Coca-Cola in 1887.

Fun Fact #2: Shoppers saved 4.6 billion dollars with coupons in 2011.

Fun Fact #3: The original name coupon derives from the French word “couper,” meaning, to cut. Fun

Fun Fact #4: In the 1940’s grocery stores begin offering coupons to steer shoppers away from competing stores.

Fun Fact #5: Coupons can be found in your Sunday paper.

Fun Fact #6: The Dollar Tree sells Sunday papers for $1(aka cheap access to more coupons)

Fun Fact #7: You can print coupons for FREE online at sites like www.coupons.com.

Fun Fact #8: The great depression caused a surge in the use of coupons.

Fun Fact #9: Many stores like Bed Bath and Beyond, CVS, and JC Penny’s will more often than not accept your  expired coupons.

Fun Fact #10: Coupons come with rules.

Fun Fact #11: Stores have couponing policies.

Fun Fact #12: Coupons can triple or double in value based on your store’s promos and couponing policies.

Fun Fact #13: You can use coupons to drive down the price of an item and still receive cash back on it, with savings apps like Ibotta and Savings Star.


I’ll leave you with this Trendy Savings Quote:

Saving on something is good. Saving on everything is better.