My CVS Couponing Haul for This Week (12/24-12/30)- Cheap bath tissue, paper towels, soup, and more!

Hey Savings Family,

Here is my CVS couponing haul for this week (12/24-12/30). I hope you enjoy. Remember you can follow exactly what I did in my haul or remix it to fit your own household’s needs.  Always purchase and or stock-up on items that you use the most so you don’t overspend and go over your monthly grocery budget. Feel free to follow my savings blog and join me on Periscope, Facebook, and Instagram (@trendysavings)  for more budgeting & savings tips!

~* Happy Couponing *~



HOT STOCK-UP DEALS (Week of 12-24-17)-CVS

Hey Savvy Shoppers!
Here’s a list of my favorite deals everywhere this week. Don’t forget to print the coupons you will need for each deal NOW before they’re gone.

JOIN THE BEAUTY CLUB AND EARN $5 Every month that you spend $50 on qualifying purchases.

Qualifying Beauty Purchases Include:

Cosmetics, Fragrances, Hair Accessories, Hair Appliances, Hair Care, Hair Color, Healthy Skin Care and Skin Care. Excludes items from Trial & Travel, gift cards and prescriptions.


Holiday Gift Wrap (PLUS accessories, gift boxes or ALL Caliber tape)

  • Prices Starting at $1.99

Hefty Slider Storage Bags (10-35 ct.)- BOGO FREE

  • Sale- Buy 2 for $3.69
  • CVS CRT- $1 off Storage bags
  • IP- $1/2 Hefty Slider Bags
  • Register Price- 2 for $1.69
  • Final Price- $0.84 each 

*Check your CRTs for this deal!

BUY 2 and GET $2 in ECBs (Offer Limit 1)

Ocean Spray PACt (16 oz), V8 Energy (12 oz), or V8 (12-16 oz)

  • Sale- 2 for $3
  • Register Price- 2 for $3
  • Earn $2 in ECBs
  • Final Price- 2 for $1.00 OR $0.50 each

BUY 3 and GET $2 in ECBs (Offer Limit 1)

Progresso Soup (18.5-19 oz.)

  • Sale- 3 for $4
  • IPQ- $1/3 Progresso soup (18.5-19 oz.)
  • OR 
  • Use (2) MFQ’s- $0.50/2 Progresso products excluding organic and pasta bowls (11/2/SS)
  • Register Price- 3 for $3
  • Earn $2 in ECBs
  • Final Price- 3 for $1 OR $0.33 each (after ECBs)

SPEND $20 and GET $10 in ECBs (Offer Limit 1)

Eucerin hand lotion or creme (5 oz)

  • Sale- $5.79 (BUY 2 for $23.16)
  • Use (2) IPQ- $2/1 Euricen lotion
  • Use (2) MFQ- $2/1 Eucerin body product (12/10 SS)
  • Register Price- 4 for $15.16
  • Earn $10.00 in ECBs
  • Final Price- 4/$5.16 OR  $1.29 each (after ECBs)

Use CRT if available, to lower out of pocket  cost.

CVS Health Maxi Pads, Super (B1G1 50% Off)

  • Sale- $4.99 (BUY 2 for $7.49) 
  • CVS APP MFQ- $2 off 2 CVS tampons, pads, or liners
  • Register Price- 2 for 5.49
  • Final Price- $2.75 each

SPEND $25 and GET $10 in ECBs (Offer Limit 2)

Schick Razors (ANY)

*Use $4/1 razor CRT,  if available


SPEND $30 and GET $10 ECB ( Offer Limit 1)

BUY (3) Scott Paper Towels (6 roll)

 BUY (2) Scott Bath Tissue (12-18 roll)

SubTotal= $26.70

  • Earn $10 in ECBs
  • Final Price-$16.70 OR $3.34 each (after ECBs)


SPEND $30 and GET $10 ECB ( Offer Limit 1)

BUY (4) Scott Paper Towels (6 roll)


BUY (1) Scott Bath Tissue (12-18 roll)


BUY (2) Palmolive (10 oz) OR Ajax liquid (12.6 oz.)

  • Sale- $0.99 (BUY 2 for $1.98)
  • Register Price- $1.98

SubTotal= $27.18

  • Earn $10 in ECBs
  • Final Price-$17.18 OR $2.45 each (after ECBs)


My Savings Chat with Siri- Savings Tips for 2018 OR Not??? (Ep1)

Hey Savings Family,

Finances are often a very sensitive and sometimes stressful topic to address. I help families on all of my social media platforms (Periscope, Instagram, and Facebook) and also through my classes & workshops; to relieve some of that stress with realistic strategies and information. I assist in helping them to create grocery budgets, meal plan, shop savvy and roll their savings over into their goals. Yet there’s nothing like a good ‘ole laugh to lighten the mood.

More and more I find myself starting new series and doing more videos like the one above because life is about more than just working hard and paying bills. We are here to enjoy it and I plan on doing just that! Besides, I really silly at times and I love to have fun.

If you are searching for more serious content on how to budget, coupon, build a stockpile etc., please check out some of my other videos right here on my Trendy Savings Channel. I create over 10 playlist so you can go right to the subjects you would like to learn about most.

Thanks as always for tuning in. Be blessed, pay less, don’t stress!

~ Happy Holidays ~



Awesome Stocking Stuffers! $25 and Under (Walmart and More)

*This post may include affiliate links that help support the FREE deals and content provided throughout this blog. Read our Disclosure Policy here.


All-new Echo (2nd Generation) with improved sound, powered by Dolby, and a new design – Charcoal Fabric

List Price: $99.99 
With Deal: $79.99 FREE ShippingDetails
You Save: $20.00 (20%)

VLOG: Couponing for Beginner’s 2018: My Story and Why I Teach Families to Save!

Hey Savings Family,

Once upon a time I was the “Queen of Building Debt!” I have no shame admitting to it NOW because the time to be embarrassed was when I was blaming my circumstances and doing nothing about it.

The truth was- I was a single woman with a good paying job and no children. The problem was- I spent my money on a load of crap that immediately decreased in value and I didn’t have any money left over on any given month to save or invest in something that would actually give me a good rate of return. Heck! I wasn’t getting a return at all.

I was living above my means and not within my needs and guess who’s still paying the price. Yet, my poor financial decisions of the past led me to become so frugal in my spending that eventually I became a testimony of hope and a teacher of the methods that I am currently using to save and dig my way out of debt.

To date: I’ve helped over 50 families gain control of their monthly expenses by couponing and strategically shopping for food, along with other household essentials. My goal is to continue to share my testimony (to eliminate the shame) and my methods to help 100 or more families in 2018.

You DON’T have to be broke or even live check to check. You have the POWER to CHANGE your finances and find money to save right within your current paycheck and income. Right now I CHOOSE to make HUGE sacrifices and “Live like no one else, so later on I can live like no one else”.- Dave Ramsey (paraphrased)

If YOU are willing to change your mindset, invest in learning better spending habits and strategies that will help you save on your necessities, you too can live like no one else.

I’m inviting you to join me on January 13th for a Couponing 101 Beginner’s Workshop in person or via live stream. This will be via real-time and webinar style. How cool is that? During this workshop we will learn how to create budgets, meal plan, coupon and build stockpiles like a pro!

If you are REALLY committed, you can apply what you’ve learned to feed your family of 4 or more for less than $30 a week.

Come get the knowledge and let’s strategise to put some systems in place that will save you thousands of dollars next year. See ya soon!

Happy Savings!