Joy Voltaire has a great passion for teaching individuals and families how to budget, plan, and save through strategic couponing and shopping.  Before devoting her time to educating others on savings strategies, she worked full-time as a certified teacher and Special Education Coordinator.  She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Special Education.

Joy’s professional background in teaching, along with her enthusiasm for saving money is what motivated her to become a blogger/vlogger.  Yet it wasn’t until she stumbled across the world of live-streaming that she discovered her true calling, as a couponing coach, speaker and overall savings strategist.

Joy is the proud Founder of TrendySavingsDiva.com, an interactive website that provides savings tips and strategies to help families meet and exceed their savings goals.  Presently, she has written two eBooks: 10 Strategic Couponing Tips for Newbies & Couponing for Tots; as well as created several successful online courses and coaching programs.   In addition to being an author and online instructor, she also enjoys facilitating local workshops, in which she can educate families on a more up close and personal level.

You can find Joy virtually speaking on one of many social media platforms or traveling from state to state teaching others about the importance of budgeting, meal planning, and creating financial goals.

More recently she started a podcast on iTunes, The Trendy Savings Show, in which she brings on guest experts to help listeners save money and generate more income through result-driven discussions about finance. Joy is unapologetically comical in her delivery of information but serious about getting her clients and customers positive results.


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