I enjoyed the Class and you are funny. I love your energy! I got a lot of information and I’m excited to learn more. Looking forward to the rest of the classes.

Jeanetta P.

Couponers for Life Bootcamp

I am so excited about all of the ways I just learned to save using coupons. No more rushing out to the store to buy things at the last minute. Now I have an organizational system and easy steps to follow. Joy makes learning how to strategically coupon and save fun.  She showed me how to fit it into your busy schedule. Now I just need to do the work! Thank you Joy & thank all the ladies in this Boot camp from the bottom of my heart.

Antoniette Gabriel

Couponers for Life Bootcamp

Joy’s informative, high energy and carefully crafted presentations are designed to fit each audience’s needs. Her powerful keynotes and hands-on workshops both motivate and challenge the audience to change the way they think about budgeting, saving and grocery shopping.

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