“Helping families strategically save & make more money by providing concrete ideas, methods & strategies, to help improve their finances.”

If you’re new to this thing; yet true to this thing called couponing and strategic shopping, well then you’ve landed on the right station. We’ll also cover fun subjects like: relationships & money plus hear from guest experts on how to save & make more money in 2018. 

Your host Joy (aka Trendy Savings) has a mission to let all of her listeners know; it is possible to save hundreds of dollars every month to roll over into a savings account or unexpected emergency with JUST your present income.  So tune- in to the show below and let’s get this savings party started!

ARE YOU AN ASPIRING ENTREPRENEUR OR BUSINESS OWNER? Better yet, are you an established business who feels like you aren’t in full control of your personal or business finances? Well, then you absolutely must tune-in to this LIVE podcast!

I am so very excited to have my next guest expert, Mrs. Itika Watkins, the “Bookkeeping Strategist” on this episode to share with you how important it is for your business to have a solid financial infrastructure.

Itika is a QuickBooks System Expert and Advisor who works with 5-7 figure earners to help them to achieve valuable financial results by designing and implementing an accounting system that supports their present day operations with scalability. In other words, she knows her stuff!  Whether you’re new to this thing or true to this thing called entrepreneurship, you can benefit from this discussion.

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I left Corporate America as an executive and vital leader of a privately held company nearly 2 years ago, managing over $30 Million in assets, but not before:

  • fully designing a system, with streamlined processes that supported system functionality
  • securing talented staff, that could think critically to fulfill their job functions
  • making an impact on support departments that undervalued the role of accounting, and
  • integrating the company’s technology and identifying it’s limitations to future growth

That’s my resume, but how does that help you as an entrepreneur?

I am a #BookkeepingStrategist and QuickBooks Systems Expert and Advisor. I work with $5-, 6-, and 7- Figure Earners and I help them to achieve valuable financial results by designing and implementing an accounting system that supports their present day operations with scalability.

Usually when I onboard clients:

  • they are up to their eyeballs in receipts
  • they are frustrated with their company, ready to give up
  • they have people employed that don’t add value to their bottom line
  • they are behind in taxes, they weren’t even aware of, and counting,
  • but, they make good money

Having money, is primarily the reason that most owners are slow to tackle this issue, and therefore they waste money by throwing money at the problem rather than fix the brewing issue.

My company will work tirelessly to design your system to begin to break bad personal and business habits. Why? Because bookkeeping is the secret sauce to maximizing deductions in your business, safeguarding your most liquid assets, and will help you make the best decisions.

The keys to my success are POWERFUL and are the lifeline to those drowning and in need of the help I have. BUT

  1. you can’t be afraid of cloud technology
  2. you’ve got to understand the benefits
  3. you’ve got to let me get up close, and personal with your finances

If you’re ready to move your business forward, we should work together.

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